The Massachusetts Assistive Technology Loan Program, operated by Easter Seals Massachusetts, gives people with disabilities and their families access to low-interest cash loans so they can buy the assistive technology devices they need.

Assistive technology is any device that enhances or expands a person’s ability to live more independently. Many different items are considered assistive technology, including adaptive computer equipment, walkers, hearing aids, memory enhancement aids, print magnifiers, wheelchairs, vehicle modifications and more. Some home modifications and vehicle purchases also are covered.

The program offers better interest rates than a traditional bank loan, and repayment lengths are based on the expected useful life of the device purchased. For example, most loans for computers are repaid in three years, while vehicle modification loans can be repaid over a much longer time. This allows you to keep lower monthly payments by stretching them over longer periods. The program staff is trained in helping people through the loan process, if that is requested.

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