Connelly Law Offices, Ltd. is an elder law firm that specializes in estate planning and probate law, as well as a variety of fiduciary services. Our firm was established in 1970 and we have continually served the people of southern New England since that time. To ensure that our clients’ assets are not only protected throughout their lives, but after they pass away as well, our firm helps clients create clear and concise estate plans. For clients who are facing probate regarding a loved one’s estate, we have the ability to assist them throughout the entire process. We also have the ability to help elderly clients who wish to plan for retirement, need fiduciary assistance, or need representation during an elder exploitation case. At Connelly Law, we have a medicaid planning specialist who can assist with medicaid applications and asset protection services. We serve Rhode Island, Eastern Connecticut, Southeastern Massachusetts and Martha’s Vineyard. As a resident of Oak Bluffs, Attorney Connelly understands the specific needs of Vineyard residents.

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