What is the Healthy Incentives Program?  The Healthy Incentives Program (HIP) provides you with an additional monthly SNAP benefit when you buy farm-fresh fruits and vegetables at the West Tisbury Farmer’s Market, participating farm stands, or the Island Grown Initiative Mobile Market. Spend your SNAP dollars at participating HIP retailers and have the amount of your purchase instantly added back to your EBT card!

How does the program work?
Using your SNAP benefits at one of the participating HIP retailers lets you earn additional dollars in SNAP benefits for each dollar you spend on HIP eligible fruits and vegetables, up to your monthly cap. You can see the amount of HIP benefits earned on your receipt after making each HIP purchase.

How many additional SNAP dollars can I earn each month?
Your monthly cap depends upon your household size. Households of 1-2 can earn up to $40 per month, 3-5 members $60, and households with 6+ members can earn up to $80.

How do I participate in HIP?
All SNAP beneficiaries are automatically enrolled in HIP – there’s no need to fill out any additional applications to participate. Just bring your EBT card to participating HIP retailers and start earning your additional benefits while enjoying healthy, delicious, farm-fresh fruits and vegetables.

Where can I redeem HIP benefits on the Vineyard?

West Tisbury Farmer’s Market

Island Grown Mobile Market

Morning Glory Farm

IGI’s Thimble Farm

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