Martha’s Vineyard Community Services is a health, education and human services agency serving Islanders of every economic circumstance and offering services that would otherwise be unaffordable or completely unavailable.

Contact information for MVCS core programs/services:
Detailed program information can be found further down the page

24/7 Emergency Services / Inpatient Detox Program 508-693-0032
CONNECT to end violence 24/7 hotline 508-696-SAFE (7233)
CONNECT to end violence 774-549-9667
CONNECT Supervised Visitation 774-549-9667 x105
Counseling Outreach and Referral for Elderly 774-549-9667 x210
Daybreak Clubhouse 508-696-7563
Disability Services Family Support Center 508-693-7900 x249
Disability Services Island Employment 508-693-7900 x206/250
Early Childhood Programs Childcare 508-693-7900 x285
Early Childhood Programs Head Start 508-693-7900 x321
Early Childhood Programs MV Family Center 508-687-9182
Island Counseling Center 508 693 7900 x225
Island Intervention Center 508-693-0032
Island Wide Youth Collaborative 508-693-7900 x400
Recovery Coaching / Detox and Rehabilitation 508-693-7900 x451
Chicken Alley Thrift Shop  508-693-2278

CONNECT to end violence
Free, confidential services to victims/survivors of domestic and sexual violence as well as for their family members and significant others. CONNECT is a community-based program that provides:

  • Short-term counseling
  • Advocacy
  • Court accompaniment
  • Medical accompaniment
  • Police accompaniment
  • Referral services

CONNECT’s Supervised Visitation Center serves families in transition, experiencing issues of custody, divorce, or domestic violence, by providing a secure structured environment for children to connect and visit with the non-residential parent. The purpose of the room is to meet the need for optimal observation while maintaining a secure, neutral, and comfortable contact place for children and their non-residential parent. Visits are limited to one family at a time. Supervised Visitation Center Staff have training and experience in child development and the impact of domestic violence on children.

CONNECT has a 24 Hour Hotline: 508-696-SAFE (7233) that is staffed by trained rape crisis counselors who provide immediate response to any physical or emotional crisis arising from domestic violence and/or sexual violence.

Contact CONNECT to end violence:

Program Director: Jennifer Neary
Phone: 774-549-9667 x103

Daybreak Clubhouse
A center for those with mental illness that provides psychosocial rehabilitation services. Daybreak Clubhouse promotes recovery, full community integration and improved quality of life for persons who have been diagnosed with any mental health condition that seriously impairs their ability to lead meaningful lives. Daybreak focuses on helping individuals develop skills and access to resources needed to live successfully in our community. Daybreak offers linkage to community resources, employment and educational opportunities, health and wellness, housing and benefit supports as well as social activities and outreach.

Contact Daybreak Clubhouse:

Program Coordinator: Alicia Nicholson

Disability Services
Community integration and independence of Island residents with disabilities. Disability Services is comprised of two programs:

  • Family Support Center –  provides individualized supports based on each family’s strengths, needs, abilities and preferences to nearly 40 families who have been determined eligible for services by the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services. The program strives to “do what it takes” to support families, including providing support to build capacities, making family connections, and providing information and training.
  • Island Employment Services – competitive integrated employment service for individuals who qualify for services funded by the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission and the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind. Services are provided to support individuals to prepare for, secure, and maintain employment in a job of their choice.

Contact Disability Services:
Family Support Center: 508-369-7900 x249
Island Employment Services: 508-369-7900 x206 or x250

Program Director: Beth Wike
Phone: 508-693-7900 x252

Early Education and Care
Parenting education, quality child care, parent/child activities, and individualized family support services. Early Childhood Programming includes:

  • Childcare Center – Provides care for children ages 3 months through 5 years. Located on the MVCS campus, the center is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children which recognizes high quality child care programs.
  • MV Family Center –  Provides education and support to parents of children prenatal/pre-adoptive through 8 years old. Services include: playgroups; parenting and child development information through classes and support groups; family activities; activities to promote family literacy; parent involvement and leadership activities; concrete services in times of need; family visits (home or elsewhere); access to health and developmental screenings; a swap shop of equipment and clothing for young children; a lending library of books and education materials;  and referrals to other Island resources. The MV Family Center also provides support to providers of young children through individual consultation and group collaborations.
  • Head Start – Offers a comprehensive, home-based preschool program for families with children 3-5 years of age. Believing that parents are the child’s most important teacher, staff and parents work in partnership to promote the child’s growth and development. The program includes: weekly home visits; parent/child socializations; parent education group; health screenings; family activities; parent involvement and leadership activities; and activity vouchers for community offerings. There is no fee for the program. Eligibility is based on income and/or special need.

Contact Early Childhood Programs:
Childcare Center: 508-369-7900 x280
Judy Thomas, Coordinator

Head Start Program: 508-369-7900 x321
Cindy Flanders, Coordinator

Family Center: 508-687-9182
Kim D’Arcy, Coordinator

Program Director: Heather Quinn
Phone: 508-693-7900 x281

Island Counseling Center
Support for individuals and families overwhelmed by stress, experiencing predicaments of Island life, difficulties in relationships, struggling with mental illness, addiction, or in crises. The Island Counseling Center provides:

Island Intervention Center: A triage system for urgent care, brief interventions, assessments, and immediate access to appropriate services for both mental health and substance use disorders. The Center is an intermediate step for people who need a higher level of care, but do not need hospitalization. 24-hour emergency service crisis intervention services. In case of a mental health emergency or to access the MVCS/MVH Inpatient Detox Program, our team can be accessed 24 hours a day through our answering service at 508-693-0032.

Counseling Outreach and Referral for the Elderly (CORE): Supporting seniors’ independence and ability to access community resources. Helping diminish feelings of isolation and depression to improve quality of live.

Substance Use Disorder Services including:

Youth and Family Services including:

Veterans Outreach program – provides a network of resources for Island Veterans, service members, and their families.

Specialized programs and groups – including Mobile Crisis Intervention for Youth; Driver Alcohol Education Groups; Caregivers Support Group; Parents Apart Support Group; and Veterans Outreach Services, including a Combat Veterans Support Group.

Contact the Island Counseling Center:
Counseling Intake Form
508-369-7900 x225

Program Director: Jennifer Vogel
Phone: 508-693-7900 x310

Island Wide Youth Collaborative (IWYC)
A Massachusetts Family Resource Center that provides services for at-risk families, young people and community members.  On-island treatment options for at-risk youth, young adults and their families. Translation is available for all programming. Core services include:

  • One on One Case Management
  • Substance Use Disorder Services
  • Island-wide Clinician Professional Development
  • Parent Education programs
  • Educational programs
  • Mentoring opportunities
  • School Liaison
  • Volunteer/Leadership opportunities

Contact the IWYC:
508-369-7900 x410

Program Director: Susan Mercier
Phone: 508-693-7900 x401

Thrift Shop
The Chicken Alley Thrift Shop provides clothing and household items for those in need. Proceeds from The Thrift Shop help to fund the unfunded services provided by the staff of Martha’s Vineyard Community Services, and donations to the Shop are tax deductible.

38 Lagoon Pond Rd.
Vineyard Haven, MA

Monday – Friday: 9:00 am – 5:30 pm
Saturday: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sunday: Closed

Donation Hours
Monday – Saturday: 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
Please call for an appointment if you cannot make it to the store during donation hours (508-693-2278)

Contact the Thrift Shop:

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